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De la fracsua lu' Gheorghe

6 Iunie 2014
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Ladies, Gentlemen,

My name is Frac-su lu’ Gheorghe and I took to knowledge with interest the notice
give by your company.

Animated of strong desire succeeded as well as of ambition, perseverance and real
possibility of assertion, I propose to your attention my candidature for the
busyness of the job.

Having an academic proper preparation, diploma of graduate Faculty of Building
Services from the University of Technical Constructions Bucharest, Romania, I am
prepared to put at your disposition for which I candid the advantages of my
theoretical formation.

Reading about the activities of your company, I consisted with satisfaction, that as
the profile and the realizations corresponding to my aspirations. Therefore I took
the liberty to say that my desire of assertion, the enthusiasm, the adaptability,
the faithfulness and the passion for successful total I shall be honored to puts at
command of a young and dynamic team.

In the same context, due to the years of university closed studies don't long time
ago I can constitute the fringe of a evidence new breath, recusant added the
principles of simplify share undertake and the desire of finalize efficiency on
which is based whole my activity from last 4 years, I can prove fulsomely the
utility and the profitable contribution to the growth output of the company where I
want to integrate quickly, offering, and on this way, at the most of the ones who
granted me their confidence.

Convinced that your attention it shall be restrained of my candidature, I thank for
the time granted and, being convinced that an interview shall be of his nature to
show fringe afferent appearances personality, capacities and my liquidness, you
please to receive, esteemed ladies, esteem gentlemen, the expression of my feelings
most distinguished.


Frac-su lu’ Gheorghe
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