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Melodia zilei: The Black Friday Song - VIDEO

22 Noiembrie 2013
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In timp ce comerciantii ar face tot ce este posibil pentru a-si vinde produsele, exista persoane care cred ca Black Friday este un eveniment inventat pentru a creste consumerismul.


Dashing through the door
Better not get in my way
I'll knock you to the floor
Laughing all the way
Sales on everything
Making people nuts
What fun it is to shop and grab
And shove folks on their butts

Oh, black Friday, black Friday
Crazy shopping day
Oh what fun it is to buy
Crap that no one needs.
Black Friday, black Friday,
Scary shopping day
When chicks turn into total dicks
It's shit that no one needs.

Best buy's got cheap PCs
Walmart's got cheap TVs
I don't need anything
Still kill for those machines
Je-sus ain't at the mall
He's nowhere to be found
Consumerism's king of all
the only god in town.

OH! black Friday, black Friday
You people are insane
Caught up in a shopping craze
To make life less mundane.
Black Friday, black Friday,
Get that shopper's high.
It's not gonna fill that hole you feel
But don't stop to ask why.

OH! black Friday, black Friday
Shop until you drop.
Won't have-to-think about-real-stuff
If you never stop.
Black Friday, black Friday,
What darkness do you feed.
When chicks turn into total dicks
It's shit that you don't need.

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